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15 x Venison Raw Dog Food Enriched with Antler Powder

15 x Venison Raw Dog Food Enriched with Antler Powder - Antler Chew

15 x Venison Raw Dog Food Enriched with Antler Powder

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This Bundle Contains 15 x 500g tubs.

Product Information:

A frozen complete and balanced raw food for working dogs.Available in 500g tubs.

Description & Ingredients

80 : 10 : 10 

Part of our Raw food range of complete formula meals, Venison raw dog food is a delicious nutritionally balanced gourmet recipe. Suitable for dogs 24 weeks plus. A blend of quality fresh British pasture reared venison meat and ground venison bone. Packed with seasonal leafy greens, hemp seeds , kelp, infused with the best quality salmon oil and enriched with Antler Powder to maintain a good calcium & mineral levels ! 

Please notewe use double 10mm mincing plates for all ingredients in our adult meal ranges. Bone fragments may be present on occasion.

Precisely Balanced Complete Nutrition

In collaboration with vets, we created our Complete Venison enriched with Antler powder recipe . Unique novel protein meals designed to deliver human-quality meat and super food ingredients with an unrivalled standard in the marketplace. Each and every ingredient is precisely balanced, supplying optimum levels of all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your dog’s growth, development and vitality.

Simple And Easy Feeding

Simply defrost night before in the fridge, remove the lid and serve the amount dog requires. Then relax in the knowledge your dog is getting the absolute best possible natural nourishment every single day.

feeding guide

Storage Guide

  • Keep raw dog food frozen until use
  • Defrost overnight in fridge
  • Will last 4 days if kept refrigerated
  • Do not refreeze

Chill & Safe Next Working Day DPD Delivery.