Why Antler Chew ?

Sustainable . Highest Quality . Locally Sourced . Naturally Shedded Antlers.  Carefully selected & prepared by Antler Chew team .

Why Antler Chew ? 

Sourcing antlers  - We use 100% naturally shedded British antlers , collected in Highlands.Deer shed (cast) their antlers every year. Cruelty -free & sustainable.

Preparation -To prepare antlers into chews we take important stages to guarantee highest quality & nutritious natural treat for your loved paw.

Cleaning - All antlers are ONLY pressure washed with water (no chemicals are used) to remove any residue of dirt or discoloration from leafs/moss.

Cutting into chews -This stage is only done by professional trained staff to ensure quality & equal sizes of chews .All unwanted 'spiky' antlers tips are removed for dog's safety while chewing .

Sanding/smoothing - The first thing when we thought about making antler dog chews was how to make it SAFE. Safety is our biggest value. By sanding sharp edges & uneven surface we will ensure there is no danger or discomfort for the dog while chewing.

Why antlers are good ? -

Overall , antlers are safe chews for dog to enjoy  and keep a good dental health.They are cruelty -free and sustainable chews that will last your dog a long time . Elk and Deer antlers are rich in protein and a natural source of many different nutrients for healthy dogs daily life.Dogs in every stage of life benefit from chewing, but it can be especially helpful in the puppy stage to help with the pain and discomfort of teething

Let your dogs natural urge instinct  to Antler Chew !