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Story About Us - Antler Chew

Welcome to our family-owned business, where our passion for dogs and their well-being has driven us to create the perfect products for our beloved pets. Our journey began with our three adorable dogs - Daisy, Anna, and Bubble. Not only are they a part of our family, but they also play essential roles in our business, from advertising to quality inspection. As proud dog parents, we always looked for the best pet toys and treats. That's when we discovered the magic of antler chews. Our dogs loved gnawing on these long-lasting chews, and we knew we had stumbled upon something special. Through years of research and working with antlers, we've identified naturally shed wild antlers as the best dog option. We meticulously prepare each antler, making sure to remove any sharp points and cut them to the perfect size for your furry friends to enjoy.

But our quest to provide the best for our dogs didn't stop there.

 As working dogs, Daisy, Anna, and Bubble have always been drawn to wild flavours, particularly venison. That's why we were thrilled when we discovered the WILD ANTLER brand. Offering low-fat, highly nutritious, and natural venison-based dog food and treats, WILD ANTLER was the perfect match for our dog's cravings.

In our pursuit of providing the best for our pets, we also discovered TREABY - a fantastic range of 100% natural dog chews and supplements. With a focus on health and nutrition, Treaby products are a great alternative to traditional treats and supplements, ensuring your pets receive the best care possible.Today, we are proud to share our discoveries with fellow dog lovers, offering you and your pets the best in antler chews, venison-based dog food, and natural chews and supplements. Our family business is committed to ensuring that your dogs receive only the highest quality products, just as ours do.

Welcome to our family, and happy chewing!

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