Antler Shed Season

Antler Shed Season - Antler Chew

In the UK, the best time to find naturally shed antlers, also known as "casting", usually falls between January and April. This period can vary slightly depending on the species of deer and the local climate conditions. For example, Red deer and Fallow deer typically shed their antlers towards the end of this period, while Roe deer might start shedding as early as November or December in some cases. However, the peak months for most species are generally in March and April when deer are more likely to shed their antlers as part of their natural life cycle.

The timing of antler shedding is influenced by hormonal changes in deer, which in turn are affected by the length of daylight hours (photoperiod), as well as the condition of the individual animal. After shedding, deer will begin to grow a new set of antlers, which are initially covered in a soft, velvety skin that supplies blood to the growing bone.

If you're interested in finding shed antlers, it's also important to know the habits of the deer in your specific area, as this can influence where and when the antlers are dropped. Searching in areas where deer are known to feed and rest increases your chances of finding shed antlers. Always remember to respect wildlife laws and the natural environment when searching for antlers in the woods.

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